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Man in blue overhauls changing tire of HGV

UK HGV repairs and servicing

Ensure your fleet continues to operate at optimum levels. Visit Iain Smith Transport and our workshop in Blackburn.

Professional maintenance for your fleet and ours

At our fully equipped workshop in Blackburn

In order for our teams to continue to deliver to our clients, it's imperative that our lorries and trailers are properly maintained. We have a team of in-house, skilled mechanics that regularly inspect our vehicles, offer repairs and diagnose any issues so we can prevent any delays when on the road. 

But it doesn't stop there; we also offer our workshop and engineers to our wider customers, allowing them to receive the same high-quality solutions for their own vehicles. From MOTs and servicing to general maintenance and extensive repairs, Iain Smith Transport is the specialist when it comes to HGVs, and it shows.

Keeping you safe on the road

Meticulous checks both in and out

In addition to meeting the latest rules and regulations, regular and extensive checks of trucks, trailers and all driving components promote the safety of your drivers whilst in transit. Small issues that would be minor for a smaller vehicle have the potential of putting your drivers in danger, and we're here to prevent that from happening.


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